capital one bank information

Capital One Bank Information

Which services does Capital One Bank offer?

Capital One Bank offers the whole range of banking services. Those include:

Savings and current accounts: these are targeted at individuals who want to manage their cash in the right way and, possibly, earn some interest from their money (should they opt for the savings accounts).
Lending services: these services range from mortgage loans to auto loans and onto the short lines of credits that are accessible to Capital One Bank customers through their credit cards.
Investment services: these are offered under the brand name of ShareBuilder, whose website you can get a link from Capital One’s main website at
Business banking services: these range from business checking accounts to business savings accounts and onto to treasury management, business credit cards and pretty much anything else you can think of along those lines.
Which types of clients does Capital One Bank target?

There are two major types of clients that are targeted by Capital One bank, namely:

People looking for personal banking services: to these, Capital One Bank offers credit cards, savings and checking accounts, investment products and so on.
People looking for business banking services: to these, Capital One Bank offers treasury management services, business credit cards, checking and savings accounts… to name but just a few.
What are some of the advantages associated with Capital One Bank?

Some of the advantages associated with Capital One Bank include:

Its strong financial position: this means that the chances of it going down are quite low.
Its wide branch network: this means that you can conveniently access a brick and mortar branch, should you need services that require human contact.
Its low cost services: these are with reference to things like transaction costs, loan interest rates, credit card rates and so on. Thanks to these, you can save money by opting to bank with Capital One.
Its wide range of services: these make Capital One Bank a one-stop provider of all financial services, enhancing convenience for customers.
How can one start using Capital One Bank’s services?

You can visit the bank’s website, at, and you’ll find all the information you need to get started, including links to the Internet banking and mobile banking platforms. You can, alternatively, visit a Capital One Bank brick and mortar branch near you.

Where can one find further information about Capital One Bank?

A good place to start would be the Capital One Bank website, which as we have mentioned, is to be found at The site is easy to navigate, and it has answers to pretty much any question one would ever have about Capital One Bank.