small business banking

Banking for Small Business Owners is the page the page you need to access, if you want to find information about the services that Capital One Bank offers to small businesses. Indeed, the page is formally captioned as being the ‘Capital One Small Business’ page. You notice that although Capital One is better known for its personal banking products and loans (including credit cards), the bank does also offer some attractive products to businesses, especially the smaller ones.

How to get to the Capital One Small Business page:

The Capital One small business page is linked to Capital One’s website homepage at You just need to identify the link to this page (the one labeled ‘business’) and click on it, so as to be taken to the small business services page at

You can also either follow a previous bookmark or a search engine result, to get to the Capital One Small business page at

Capital One Small Business Products

According to the information posted on the Capital One Small Business page at, there are many services offered by Capital One Bank for small businesses, including:

Business checking accounts: these are ideal for businesses seeking a place where they can be depositing their checks, as well as making both cash deposits and withdrawals on a day to day basis.
Business savings accounts: these are ideal for businesses seeking a place where they can keep money for longer durations of time, and perhaps even earn interest on it in the meantime.
Business credit cards: contrary to what many of us have been conditioned to think, credit cards are not just meant for individual use: there are business credit cards as well, and Capital One Bank is one of the leading issuers of such cards.
Merchant services: these are ideal for businesses seeking facilitation in receiving payment through plastic money (credit or debit cards) from customers.
Treasury management services: these are ideal for businesses seeking to stay on top of their finances at all times.
401k plans: these are ideal for businesses keen on seeing to it that their employees’ futures are well secured.
Other functions that can be performed at

Once you are on the Capital One business banking page at, you can also:

Access online banking services: including logging into your account, and undertaking various transactions.
Contact Capital One’s customer support: in case you are having a problem with anything to do with Capital One’s services.
Find a Capital One branch near you, or an ATM: in case the transaction you wish to perform is one that can’t be undertaken (or completed) online.